Monday, November 16, 2009

The house has moved and so have I!

These are the updated pictures of my little house. So much has happened these last couple of weeks and unfortunately I haven't been very good about updating the blog. Two Saturdays ago I was so blessed to have many men come out to prep the land to move my house. They cut down five trees, made repairs to the road, chopped down a lot of brush and laid the "foundation" for my house. Then a wonderful friend from church picked up my house with his truck and moved it out to the farm.

I was a nervous wreck the whole day. By the grace of God, I got through it and my house was moved relatively without complication. The Lord's timing was perfect, as usual. We had an entire week before the move in which there was no rain and sunny warm weather, so the ground was dry and it was the perfect time to move. It was also cool enough for the men to do the hard work of chopping down the trees. What a blessing!

Supposedly some ladies took pictures of the moving, but I haven't gotten copies yet. My camera was trapped in a room with a sleeping baby, so I didn't get pictures of the historic move. So, for now you'll have to settle for the pre-move pictures.

This last weekend, the cats and I packed up and actually moved into the little house. I haven't had a chance yet to take pictures of us in the house, but I'm hoping to soon, hopefully this week!

I've now spent three nights in the little house. It has already been an adventure. As a city girl moving to the country for the first time, there's a lot to get used to! The first night I kept waking up because I think hogs were running into my house during the night. Anytime there's a sudden movement either inside or outside, the whole trailer shakes. So I think the hogs just ran into it and it shook and woke me up. Either that or I was just imagining things, which is entirely possible, but hogs running into the trailer definately makes for a better story!

Then next night, my littlest cat, Bella, decided to practice getting up to the loft and getting down several times while I was trying to fall asleep. She was making so much noise I decided finally to turn on a light to see what in the world she was doing. I had done two things to give the cats the opportunity to get up to the loft with me. First, I placed a two by four along the wall with one end leaned up against the loft edge and the other down on the wheel well cover so the could walk up and down. Then I set up the folding table under the edge of the loft and put a folding chair on top of it so they could jump up.

Apparently, Bella didn't really like those options, so instead she decided to climb the ladder just like me. One leg at a time, all the way up the ladder. I can't even begin to describe how cute and silly she looked doing this! I've already been asked to video tape it and put it on You Tube. I will do my best to do so. To get down she was kind of afraid of jumping at first, so she was dragging her claws down the two by four as she slide down. She doesn't do this anymore because she's been watching Diesel jump down and figured out that she could do that as well.

Last night, we had out first rain storm since moving in the house. I woke up at 4am with the wind blowing really hard. I shut the windows and Bella and I snuggled and listened to the rain pound against the metal roof litterally inches from my head. It sounded like a hurricaine! I guess that's just another sound I'm going to have to get used to!

Thanks for tuning in. I'm certain there will be many more adventures, interesting stories and hilarious tales to come! Oh and pictures, 'cause I'm pretty sure some people are about to take me out if I don't start posting more pictures! :)

Have a blessed week!

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  1. Your house is so adorable! I have never heard of this and it is so encouraging to see the Lord challenging you to get down to the necessities. We are praying about what that looks like in our life right now as well.

    We would love to come actually see it sometime!! :)